I've always been passionate about illustration and storytelling.

I got my first wacom tablet in elementary school, and have been creating digital illustrations consistently since then. At 18, I was the runner-up for a nation-wide comic competition by writing and illustrating a 20-page comic that was digitally cleaned up for submission. From college until 25, I attended a handful of conventions a year to sell my artwork and meet with artists in the industry.

Storytelling remains my favorite aspect of product design, but I still love to indulge in the freeform platform that only illustrating can provide.

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Corals for brains

I was inspired to create this illustration after being in the saltwater aquarium hobby for a few months. It's amazing how corals look different under the sunlight and under a blue light.


During my undergraduate years at UC Berkeley, I was interested in scientific illustration as a potential career. These drawings were done on 24x36inch paper with pencil and pen, while looking at the skeleton cast of Tyrannosaurus rex in the Valley Life Sciences Building.


This process video was created using the app Procreate on iPad pro. Sometimes I just want to draw pastries!

The Future is DNA

This was an editorial image for a blog post about 23andMe and personal genetics. Normally you would need a microscope to see DNA, but these magical binoculars see so far that it sees into the future and you can see it there. Because the future is DNA. Get it?! I'll show myself out.

Guidebot vs. Kaiju

These are photos of a mural I painted on a blank wall of Guidebook's San Francisco office. Inspired by Pacific Rim, it shows the company's mascot "Guidebot" as a jaeger, fighting against a jaeger. This was a fun weekend project, and a little daunting, since I had never done a mural or a painting at this scale.