Guidebook Enterprise

About the project and my role

Guidebook started out as a mobile app for events, where attendees can access the schedule, map, and other relevant information to plan their time. Later, Guidebook introduced an enterprise solution which was a white label app that could be redesigned to fit the client's brand. For companies and universities that hosted numerous events throughout the year, this was the ideal solution since it allowed them to create as many guides as they needed published on their unique app.

My role in this project was 1) to design materials that educate potential customers on what this service was, and 2) to design and help create the branded app. I also made a series of animated videos (directed, storyboarded, illustrated, animated) for Guidebook to introduce the app as a solution for multiple verticals. The above video introduced Guidebook Enterprise as a solution for universities.

The pitch

I designed this infographic to explain the differences between two of Guidebook's solutions: a guide in the Guidebook app vs. a standalone app. The flow guides the client through how his or her attendees would access the guide depending on which product they decided to use.

I also designed numerous flyers and white papers to promote the different plans.

The White Label App

I worked with the client and their brand guideline to create mockups, commit all UI element changes for iOS and Android to git, and test the final app before submitting it to the app stores. I also routinely gave feedback to the development team, the customer success team, and the sales team to improve the workflow and communication as the client was passed on to different stages of the project. I was involved in over 200 of these app rebrands.