Project Name: App Themes

Company: Guidebook, Inc.

Photoshop, Git, Customer Interaction, iOS, Android

Guidebook's Enterprise Product entailed providing the client with a white-label solution and working closely with them to rebrand the app to fit their needs.

I was involved with this project early, so there was a lot of re-working the process while accommodating with the development team, the customer success team, the sales team, and the clients. My main role was to create mockups for the client, commit all UI element changes to git, and test the final app before submitting it to the app stores. I also routinely gave feedback to all departments involved to improve the workflow and communication as the client was passed on to different stages of the project. I was involved in over 200 of these app rebrands.

Here are some Android and iOS screenshots of the Guidebook Enterprise apps that I have worked on.